Joana Silva
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Born in 1981 in Lisbon, Portugal, Joana started her athletic career at a young age practicing acrobatic gymnastic. From 1994 to 2000 she was a federated gymnast from the “Portuguese Federation of Trampoline and Acrobatic Sports”, becoming many times national champion and a gymnast from the National Team, participating in European and World Championships. By the year 2000 Joana stopped competing as an acrobatic gymnast and started dancing.

From 2001 to 2007 she danced streetdance, such as hip hop, breakdance, house dance, etc. Breakdance was what she loved the most, participating in several shows/competitions/battles.

In 2007 Joana took her first pole dance class. Automatically she was dazzled with this dance and never stopped since then.

In 2012 Joana was the first Portuguese pole dancer who participated in an international pole dance competition – “The Art of Pole Dance” (Slovenia) – where she ranked 3rd.

Other competitions:
– “II World Pole Cup” finalist, 2012 / Rio de Janeiro (Brasil).
– “Pole Theatre UK 2015” finalist (Pole Art Category – Professional), 2015 / UK.
– “Pole Theatre UK 2016” winner (Pole Art Category – Professional), 2016 / UK.
– “Pole Theatre World 2016” finalist (Pole Art Category – Professional), 2016 / Prague (Czech Republic).
– “Pole Theatre USA 2017” winner (Pole Art Category – Professional), 2017 / USA.

Joana teaches pole dance since 2008 in Lisbon (Portugal) and internationally.

Joana also took a degree in Physical Therapy (2001-2004) and she is studding Osteopathy.

From 2016 is Paradise Chick ambassador.